Cricket World Cup 2015

Who will be the winners of the Cricket World Cup 2015, is the million dollars question.

Author: Ifthhar Khanzada, Op-ed, Sports

ODI Cricket

Cricket World Cup 2015, is five hundred days away. All the test playing nations have started to build up their squads for the upcoming prestigious event. Majority of the players , in almost all the teams, that participated in the last world cup, have now past their prime and all the teams have injected new blood in their present line ups.

Australia, who have dominated this event for a long time , this time round are expected to field a less experienced and naturally less confident team, as compared to their last outings.Most of the old guns have either retired or have reached the age of retirement. And according to the experts they are not expected to win the world cup 2015.

India, the current champions, have a balanced squad, as of today, but their prospects of winning this time round are bleak. First, because they would not be playing in favorable home conditions__ with the backing of the home crowd, as well, as pitches prepared to suit their game. Second, they do not have a amiable record playing abroad, more specifically out side the subcontinent.

Pakistan, the most unpredictable team in the world, has the ability to defeat any opposition on a given day, but they also can loose to minnows, like they did to Ireland, not even a test playing nation.

Sri Lanka, if all goes well, is perhaps the most balanced team among the test playing nations. Their chances are bright to win the 2015 world cup, especially, if their pace spear head  Lasit Malinga  and their star batsmen Dilshan, Sangakara and Jaywardanae stays fit and at the prime of their game till cricket world cup 2015.

New Zealand, are a team with a lot of potential and promise but in all their previous outings they have been eliminated at the semi-final stage of the  tournaments and have never reached a final in the history of the world cup.

On the contrary, England is the team that has had the honor of playing in most of the finals of the world cup, never winning a single time. But their recent convincing win over the Australians in the Ashes series places them among one of the favorites to win the event , this time round.

South Africa, presently perhaps the favorite to win the event, regretfully have not been able to overcome their now world famous title of “chockers”. They are referred to as “chockers” because of their inability to win the cricket world cup or any other world tournament because of their record of loosing to much lesser oppositions in crucial, often elimination round matches.

Zimbabwe, though they have shown some promise when they beat Pakistan in one test match in the recently concluded home series, have never been in contention to win the cricket world cup before, and are not predicted to do so now. The same goes for Bangladesh. Both these teams, like a magician brings out a rabbit from his hat, can cause an up set on a given day but it is more of an exception than a norm.

The West Indies with their star master blaster Chris Gayle and their spin wizard Narine, according to the opinion of pundits are the favorites this time round. But the lack of commitment on part of most of their senior, experienced players, at crucial junctures in a game, have more than often lost from a winning position.

As as last word, the four teams sure to reach the semi-finals of the cricket world cup 2015, according to the pundits are, West Indies, England, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. But only time will tell which team lifts the prestigious cricket world cup 2015 trophy, one thing is for sure, though, the bookies certainly will.

Last word from author of this blog: Bishwa Lama

 As everybody know that, we still have plenty of time to think about this. In the meantime, there will be sure to have a lot of changes in all countries team. By the way, This blog just mentioned about the top teams on International Cricket, but there are many other countries who will be participating. Recently, the team like Afghanistan has been selected for 2015 world cup. Other than that, Ireland, Scotland, and some other Caribbean country will be participating on this big event. I know its not possible for them win this cup, but it will give them some experience in international level cricket. Personally I am very excited for this WordCup 2015 which will be held in Australia and New Zealand. Please click here (World Cup 2015) to be up to date about cricket World Cup 2015.

Good Luck for all teams!


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